2018-11-29 Promotional meeting - Research Infrastructure Center for Analytical Laboratories

The meeting for representatives of scientific institutions in the field of Earth Sciences, interested in the EPOS-PL project, was organized at the Institute of Geophysics PAS in Warsaw on 29th November, 2018.

Assoc. Prof. Beata Górka-Kostrubiec presented the idea and aims of the EPOS-PL project.

PhD Tomasz Werner discussed in detail the research infrastructure built as part of task 4 - Analytical Laboratories Research Infrastructure Center - CIBAL.

Participants of the meeting had the opportunity to visit the paleomagnetic and magnetic environmental laboratory, which was retrofitted with a new equipment financed from the funds of the EPOS-PL project and IG PAS. Particular interest was aroused by the possibility of using the potential of the laboratory by Polish scientists and PhD students as well as the possibility of doing internships and scientific practices by students of the Earth Sciences.



The working meeting of EPOS-PL project teams

The meeting for coordinators interested in Multidisciplinary Upper Silesian Episode - MUSE was organized at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw on 19th February, 2019.

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